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Game 27 WPA: ¡ESCOBAR! Nats 6, Fish 4

Sure, NN pitched a good game, Werth and Desmond are finally hitting, but, really, let's just keep getting that sweet, sweet Escobar.

Nats' MVP and Bryce Harper.
Nats' MVP and Bryce Harper.
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

150504-27 WPA

Via Fangraphs (click to embiggen)

(What do these graphs mean?)

  • Hard luck loser--no, wait! Jordan Zimmermann (+6.0%) gives up 2 runs (1 earned, thanks Werth) in 7 IP with 4 Ks and no walks. Pitcher wins are dumb, but you should get one for that.
  • Error atonement: Jayson Werth (+17.1%) uses the full moon to power a 2-5 night with a game-tying, two-out, RBI single in the 7th (+23.1%).
  • Platoon disadvantage: Matt Grace (-37.1%) suffers against righties, letting in two runs with two outs to put the Nats behind in the ayeth and earn a meltdown.
  • Trade him for a bag of balls--no, wait! Ian Desmond (+29.8%) comes through in the ayeth with a first-pitch, two-run, line-drive dinger into the batter's eye in center to tie the game (+40.3%).
  • As much Escobar as you can handle: Yunel Escobar (+50.3%) keeps on giving us more Escobar, going 5-5 on the night, including a go-ahead, two-out, two-RBI single in the aeyth to put the Nats ahead for good (+33.1%).
  • High leverage: Tanner Roark (+6.4%) fans two on the way to a scoreless ninth, earning a shutdown and closing out the game.

Tonight's WPA brought to you by the dawn of rock and roll in France: