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Nationals' infielder Danny Espinosa starts at first vs Brewers today in Milwaukee

Washington Nationals' second baseman/third baseman/shortstop/left fielder and now first baseman Danny Espinosa keeps adding positions to his resume as the Nats try to keep his bat in the lineup. It's all rather shocking after the last few seasons...

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

After Danny Espinosa went 3 for 5 with a double, a home run and two runs scored in Washington's 5-4 win over the New York Yankees on Wednesday, leaving him with a .263/.361/.481 line, 10 doubles and eight home runs in 50 games and 181 plate appearances to that point, Nationals' skipper Matt Williams talked to reporters about keeping Espinosa's bat in the lineup.

"We have to try to find a space for him to play. Yeah. It's important to do that, so we'll spend the next hours discussing and try to work that out." -Matt Williams on finding a spot for Danny Espinosa

"We have to try to find a space for him to play," Williams said. "Yeah. It's important to do that, so we'll spend the next hours discussing and try to work that out."

Drafted as a shortstop out of Cal State Long Beach in the third round of the '08 Draft, Espinosa shifted to second when he was called up to the majors since Ian Desmond was at short in the nation's capital, but he played shortstop on occasion over his first five seasons in D.C.

Earlier this season, with Anthony Rendon on the DL, Espinosa spent some time at third base as well, and when he started to hit again, from both sides of the plate, after struggling offensively for two-plus seasons, there was talk of potentially playing him at other positions to keep his bat in the lineup.

He made his debut in left field last week in the nation's capital, as a defensive replacement when Denard Span's back tightened up on him late in the game against the Chicago Cubs.

Espinosa was spotted working out in left in recent days as well, but this afternoon a new wrinkle.

Nats' skipper Matt Williams and the Nationals have decided to give him a new glove and another new position.

Danny Espinosa's starting at first base this afternoon in the third game of four with the Milwaukee Brewers in Miller Park.

Ryan Zimmerman's on the DL with left foot plantar fasciitis. Clint Robinson and Tyler Moore have both spent time at first, while also spending time in left field with Jayson Werth on the DL until at least August. Michael Taylor has been playing left more than the other options.

Since Espinosa's continued to hit, in a somewhat shocking return to the form he showed early in his career, the Nats are doing what they can to keep him in the lineup while the team struggles to score runs.

Espinosa adds a fifth position to his resume. There have been rumors of interest in super utility man Ben Zobrist on the Nationals' part, but the Nats might be in the process of turning their in-house option into an alternative.