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MLB Draft Results 2015: Washington Nationals draft Rhett Wiseman at no.103 in 3rd Round

The Washington Nationals drafted two outfielders last night with their top picks of the 2015 Draft. With their 3rd Round selection, at no.103 overall, the Nats took Vanderbilt's Rhett Wiseman, a left-handed hitting outfielder.

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Washington Nationals' GM Mike Rizzo told reporters, including's Chase Hughes, that the Nats used the first two picks of the 2015 MLB Draft to get more solid athletes in the organization, selecting 21-year-old Louisiana State outfielder Andrew Stevenson at no.58 overall and 18-year-old high school outfielder Blake Perkins at no.69.

"'The first day we really concentrated on getting more athletic and to improve our speed in the system,'" Rizzo said.

"'These guys are both plus-plus runners. They are guys that will have opportunities down the road to be extremely good defensive center fielders with also some offensive prowess, guys that can fly and steal bases. As the game turns to pitching, defense and athleticism, we felt that we had the opportunity to take two guys early in the draft that really exude all three of those fields.'"

With their third round pick, at no.103 overall, the Nationals selected Vanderbilt outfielder Rhett Wiseman:

In 65 games this season, Wiseman put up a .318/.419/.566 line with 16 doubles, four triples and 14 home runs.'s Jim Callis offered the following scouting report on's draft broadcast:

"Rhett Wiseman is an interesting guy," Callis said, "You kind of look at him, I don't know if there's a standout plus tool, but he plays. He gets the most out of his tools, he works hard. Maybe average across the board, maybe the arm is slightly below average, but always seems to make a big play, big catch, come up with a big hit for Vanderbilt..."

"Could see him maybe being a corner outfielder or maybe a good fourth outfielder in the big leagues."