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Nationals' longest first-half home runs + Home Run Derby thread

If Bryce Harper's pops was able to throw to him he'd like totes win this Home Run Derby tonight, but since there are no Washington Nationals in it, we figured we'd share some Nats home runs first and then watch the Derby... sort of... not really...

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Off the top of your head... who hit the Washington Nationals' three longest home runs in the first half of the 2015 campaign? If you said Bryce Harper, Bryce Harper and Bryce Harper, you'd be wrong...

Okay, not wrong, but you would be 1 for 3.

That's not bad, that average could keep you in the majors.

The correct answer, however, would be Ian Desmond, Harper and Wilson Ramos hit the three longest home runs of the season so far, so with the 2015 Home Run Derby [sponsored by someone I'm sure] tonight in Cincinnati, Ohio's Great American Ball Park (weather permitting), we thought we would take a quick look back at the Nationals' three longest blasts of the first half...

Desmond hit a 453 foot blast off Severino Gonzalez in Philadelphia's Citizens Bank Park on June 28th:

Harper hit a 452 foot homer off the Phillies' Aaron Harang on April 18th in Nationals Park:

Ramos took the Chicago Cubs' Jason Hammel 450 feet to left-center in Nationals Park on June 6th:

So who you got in tonight's HR Derby? Here's the field:

We're picking Kris Bryant... or maybe Prince Fielder... no, no, not Josh Donaldson, not Albert Pujols... not Manny Machado... not Todd Frazier... not Joc Pederson, not Anthony Rizzo..okay, it's Bryant. We're sticking with Bryant.

Has it stopped raining in Cincinnati yet? Who's watching the Home Run Derby?