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Nationals' Max Scherzer's ridiculous ESPN Sunday Night Baseball interview

Washington Nationals' catcher Jose Lobaton, injured infielder Anthony Rendon and recovering reliever and national anthem standoff champion Aaron Barrett involved themselves in Max Scherzer's ESPN Sunday night baseball interview.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

I was fairly sure that we would get through the entire Washington Nationals' season without seeing anything funnier than the video I'm going to post below here right meow:

In that fun-filled interview from this past Spring Training, Gio Gonzalez went all "Super Troopers" dropping ten or eleven (count them yourself) "meows" into his interview with MASN's Dan Kolko.

The newest addition to the rotation, right-hander Max Scherzer, counted them out and laughed at how the left-hander attempted to shoehorn them into the conversation.

If you've never seen the actual scene from "Super Troopers" you probably should watch it:

The fact that he's pushed and challenged his rotation mates, thrown a no-hitter and dominated NL hitters so far this season is enough to make you think Scherzer is worth every penny thus far this season.

He's become a well-liked member of the clubhouse by all accounts and he's involved himself in the community.

He's so popular in fact, that his Nationals teammates decided to pamper him during his interview on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball... on, uh, Sunday night.

Jordan Zimmermann was on the mound giving up a run in the Nationals' 3-1 win over the Giants as Scherzer spoke to the ESPN hosts.

Jose Lobaton, Anthony Rendon and Aaron Barrett fed him snacks, gave him a drink, filed his nails and applied some unnecessary eye black.

Scherzer was unfazed by the lavish attention, conducting the interview flawlessly-ish in spite of the persistent and humorous interruptions. See for yourself...

So the question is... is this one funnier than the "Meow" interview?

Are there any other contenders for funniest interview? Jayson Werth's "Mean Girls" moment maybe?

Vote for your favorite below...

Who you got? Gio Gonzalez's "Meows"? Max Scherzer getting pampered? Werth's "Mean Girls" interview? I voted for Werth because his answer is nonsensical fun.