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Wire Taps: Washington Nationals call up Trea Turner - What they're saying...

Here's all of the fun Trea Turner stuff we could find from the last few hours since the Washington Nationals announced that they were calling their top infield prospect up to the majors. Turner on Turner. Matt Williams and Mike Rizzo on Turner and more...

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Washington Nationals called top infield prospect Trea Turner up this afternoon in a "surprising" move. So what role will Turner fill for the Nationals? What did manager Matt Williams and GM Mike Rizzo say about the decision to call him up? What can Nats fans who haven't been pining away for the day when the Nationals would #freetreaturner and following him in the minors expect from the 22-year-old infielder?

We aren't in the nation's capital today -- no one wants to pay us to cover the team in person on a daily basis so we have to pick our spots [sad face emoticon] -- so we thought we'd just collect everything we've seen out there today on the internet that might help you get to know Turner better and get a better idea of what to expect going forward...

Baseball America on Trea Turner:

Turner on Turner:

Williams on Turner from pregame:

Rizzo on Turner quotes:

Random Turner stuff: