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Game 130 WPA: That was a tough one. Nats lose 5-8.

Gio had a good enough outing, and the bats did a decent enough job in support, but the wheels came off in relief.

"Little help, here, guys?" (Not an actual quote.)
"Little help, here, guys?" (Not an actual quote.)
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Source: FanGraphs

(What do these graphs mean?)

  • Quality: Gio Gonzalez (-13.8%) battles the BABIP and sequencing gods, managing to let in only 3 runs in 6 IP with 4 Ks and 2 BBs.
  • Clutch (if that existed): Ryan Zimmerman (+62.8%) doubles in a run in the first to put the Nats ahead (+12.3%), singles and scores to get the Nats within one in the 6th, then belts a two-out, three-run homer to center to put the Nats ahead in the 7th (+53.5%).
  • Choke (part 1): Casey Janssen (-39.4%) gets two outs in the 7th before letting in the tying runs to earn a meltdown.
  • Choke (part 2): Felipe Rivero (-35.5%) comes in to clean up Janssen's mess but lets in two inherited runners and one of his own to put the Nats behind by three before getting out of the inning.
  • Today's sad trombonists: Ian Desmond (-11.9%) hits a run-scoring GDP in the 6th (-12.3%). Anthony Rendon (-10.2%) gets caught in no-man's land on a WP that bounced straight back to the catcher to tamp down a two-on rally in the 9th (-10.1%).

Tonight's WPA brought to you by Captain Sensible's first band: