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Game 106 WPA: The triumphant debut of Tyler Moore (as a pitcher).

Gio struggles through 5+, but the bullpen explodes in a supernova of awfulness while the bats give up after the first inning.

I feel ya man. You totally could have pitched the 9th.
I feel ya man. You totally could have pitched the 9th.
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Source: FanGraphs

(What do these graphs mean?)

  • High-wire act: Gio Gonzalez (+10.2%) gets into and out of some big jams, letting in 1 run over 5+ IP with 7 Ks and a walk. Too bad it didn't matter.
  • WPA doesn't like sac flies as much as FP does: Bryce Harper (+9.3%) draws a bases-loading walk (+7.5%) as the highest-WPA play in the Nats' two-run rally in the first.
  • Disaster: Aaron Barrett (-44.2%) melts down quickly and spectacularly, letting in 3 runs to put the Nats behind in the 6th before recording an out, partly thanks to his two-run, three-base throwing error.
  • Insult to injury: Tanner Roark (-2.1%) comes in to clean up after the Bear, walks the bases loaded, and walks in a run before finally getting the last out in the 6th, which, while technically not a further meltdown (given that he followed with a scoreless 7th), was franking atrocious.
  • I'll call this a "no bueno": Matt Thornton (-5.1%) gives up 3 runs in the aeyth, but the game was out of hand enough that it wasn't technically a meltdown, despite being a horrid performance for a supposed high-leverage guy.
  • WPA doesn't say "no bueno," but I do: Felipe Rivero (-0.2%) lets in two runs in the 9th, including one on a balk. It's not a meltdown, but balked-in run.
  • Fan favorite: Tyler Moore (+0.0%) doesn't move the WPA needle at all as he gets the last two outs in the 9th, letting in an inherited runner and hitting a batter along the way.
  • Welcome back to junk time! Michael Taylor (-0.1%) jacks a meaningless, stat-padding, two-run bomb over the red seats in front of the Red Porch in the 9th (+0.0%).

Tonight's WPA brought to you by if Nirvana and Perry Como had a baby.