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Game 142 WPA: Hey, a win! Nats win, all is well, go ahead and buy your playoff tickets.*

Max had a solid outing, Bryce gives us a skeer, and den Dekker provides a den Dinger.

He kept it in the park tonight, so that's good.
He kept it in the park tonight, so that's good.
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Source: FanGraphs

(What do these graphs mean?)

  • Pretty good outing: Max Scherzer (+33.3%) throws 8 scoreless with 6 Ks and no walks.
  • Patient steak: Ian Desmond (+5.7%) is 1-4 with a bases-loaded walk to drive in the winning run with two outs in the 3rd (+11.6%).
  • Spark at the top: Anthony Rendon (+13.9%) is 3-4 with a walk and fourth-inning RBI single to put the Nats ahead by two (+7.5%).
  • Bearded: Jayson Werth (+9.1%) is 1-3 with two walks and an two-out RBI single in the 4th to extend the Nats' lead to three (+8.0%).
  • Junk-timer: Matt den Dekker (-4.8%) hits a two-out solo shot over the wall in RF to pad his stats in the 6th (+5.8%).

This afternoon's WPA brought to you by The Singing Detective:

*Maybe hold off on the playoff tickets if they're non-refundable. Not to be a negative nellie, just sayin'.