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Game 147 WPA: I [FRANKING] WANT THIS! Nats win, Scherzer announces revised edition of "How to win friends and influence people"*

Scherzer had a pretty good outing, and then things got interesting.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Source: FanGraphs

(What do these graphs mean?)

  • If it's all the same you, Mr. Williams, I would prefer ever so much to record the final out of the inning: Max Scherzer (+13.2%) gives up 2 runs over 7 IP with 6 Ks and 3 walks. Not quite dominant, but not quite not.
  • First-pitch swinging: Clint Robinson (+7.6%) is 2-3 with a pair of walks and a solo shot to get the Nats on the board in the 2nd (+11.0%).
  • What it takes to win: Bryce Harper (+36.6%) is 1-3 with a pair of walks, taking 3rd on a WP in the 6th (+9.7%) then scoring the tying run on another WP (+12.4%).
  • Oops: Felipe Rivero (-15.2%) gets one out in the aeyth before getting into a runners-corners jam for a meltdown, and Blake Treinen (-7.0%) lets in the inherited runner to put the Nats behind. Both earn meltdowns.
  • Impactful: Trea Turner (+17.8%) takes 2nd in the aeyth on a Harper walk (+14.4%), takes 3rd on a WP (+15.1%) and scores the game-tying run on an Ian Desmond (-27.7%) sac fly (+4.5%). Michael Taylor (+22.1%) follows up with a go-ahead RBI single (+29.0%).
  • Up and down: Casey Janssen (+12.7%) gets the last two outs in the 10th for a shutdown an inning after Jonathon Papelbon (-22.8%) allows the game-tying [unearned] run to send it to extras and earn a meltdown.
  • Old Man Speed: Jayson Werth (+23.1%) doubles to lead off the 10th (+17.6%), takes 3rd on yet another PB (+12.8%) and scores the walkoff run on a Jose Lobaton (+12.6%) sac fly (+17.3%).

Tonight's WPA brought to you by prioritizing:

*To the best of my knowledge, this is not true at all.