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Game 154 WPA: Burn the gonfalons. Nats win, invalidate my tenth-straight pre-season projection as wildly inaccurate

Strasburg is still good at pitching, and Harper got a hit in a leverage situation!

Do I even need to put a funny caption here?
Do I even need to put a funny caption here?
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Source: FanGraphs

(What do these graphs mean?)

  • Pitcher wins are dumb: Stephen Strasburg (+26.0% pitching, +4.4% hitting) allows one run in 8 IP while striking out 13 and walking one. Enjoy your no-decision!
  • You guys are killin' me here: The Nats load the bases in the 4th on Clint Robinson (-5.2%) single (+8.7%), followed by an Ian Desmond (-7.3%) K, a Matt den Dekker lineout (-9.1%), and a Wilson Ramos (-23.9%) ground out.
  • Most half-hearted redemption ever: Desi gets the Nats on the board with an RBI groundout in the 6th (+6.4%).
  • Free baseball: Jonathon Papelbon (+12.4%), Felipe Rivero (+12.4%), Blake Treinen (+12.2%) and Matt Thornton (+12.7%) combine to keep the game tied from the 9th to the 12th, earning shutdowns, all.
  • Setup man: Anthony Rendon (+10.2%) is 2-5 with a 12th-inning single (+5.3%), taking second on a WP (+6.4%).
  • MVP, etc: Bryce Harper (+52.1%) is 3-5 with a walk, a double, and another double with one out in the 12th for the walkoff RBI (+30.2%).

Tonight's WPA brought to you by life planning: