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A world of reactions to the Jonathan Papelbon fray

A lot has been said about what happened between Jonathan Papelbon and Bryce Harper on Sunday, and we decided to go collect for you the best of the world's reactions. The following is merely a representative sample of what the world has to say on the subject.

Things are not looking up for Papelbon
Things are not looking up for Papelbon
Greg Fiume/Getty Images

First up is a piece over at Grantland that is not only a good read but also includes a professional lip-reading of the altercation (yes, you saw all the language you think you saw):

Next we have our old friend Adam Kilgore popping his head up to share a word of wisdom:

Thomas Boswell is not happy with the Nationals and wants changes made:

If you think a Ford's Theater allusion is iffy, check out this tweet by Jeff Sullivan:

Sullivan later clarified that he did not mean "hung to death", but it might be best to entirely avoid saying things that require that kind of clarification.  Not everyone pushed the envelope with their criticism:

Though some apparently took this opportunity as a challenge:

Yup, that's Godwin's law for you. Happens every time. The reference to "most veteran players" is in response to this collection of reactions from anonymous players who apparently all took Papelbon's side:

That is not to say that all anonymous players think alike:

Keith Olberman tried employing humor:

While Nick Stellini decided to go for the straightforward "assault is bad" script:

There are loads more reactions out there on Twitter and on Facebook and here in our comments sections.  We have seen season ticket holders vow not to renew their plans if Matt Williams and Papelbon remain with the Nats.  We have seen people use this incident to try to denigrate or make fun of the Nationals as a whole, but after double checking it turns out the Nationals as a team are still awesome and deserve our support. Just ask Ian Desmond: