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Game 138 WPA: THROW STRIKES, DAMMIT! Nats lose, might as well take up cricket.

NN was okay and the boys did good things at the plate, but the bullpen walked six and gave up six runs to squander a six-run lead in a single inning. Also, Escobar GDPed at a crucial spot.

This is not the face of a control pitcher.
This is not the face of a control pitcher.
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Source: FanGraphs

  • Wasted, but not like old times: Jordan Zimmermann (+16.7%) fans 6 and walks one in 5.2 IP, but only lets in one run. Enjoy your no-decision.
  • Early lead: Clint Robinson (+12.6%) singles in a run to get the Nats on the board in the first with two outs (+11.4%). Ian Desmond (+4.5%) singles in another run right behind him (+8.9%)
  • Shoulda been scored an inside-the-parker: Michael Taylor (+6.0%) hits a bases-loaded grounder up the middle that clears the bases and brings him around, too, on a bad hop (+8.0%).
  • The 7th inning is its own circle of Hell: Felipe Rivero (-5.0%) somehow doesn't earn a shutdown for walking the bases loaded in the 7th and walking in a run after Blake Treinen (-1.2%) lets in a run and can't get the third out.
  • The 7th inning is its own TWO circles of Hell: Drew Storen (-46.3%) comes in to a bases-loaded, two-out jam and gives up a three-run double, walks the bases loaded, then walks in the tying run before finally getting the third out. Three walks and four runs to get one out may make this the worst meltdown of the year.
  • Apparently all the relievers stink now: Jonathon Papelbon (-19.1%) gives up the go-behind solo shot in the ayeth, earning a meltdown despite not walking anyone and throwing a clean 9th.
  • STOP! BUNTING! Jayson Werth (+7.0%) singles to lead off the 9th (+13.2%), but Anthony Rendon (-2.8%) sac bunts into a FC to erase him (-12.0%).
  • Easy come, easier go: Bryce Harper (+4.0%) draws a walk to put two on in the 9th (+12.4%), then Yunel Escobar (-24.7%) GDPs to end the game (-31.5%).

Tonight's WPA brought to you by pastoralism: