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Cat lands on his feet: Former Nats' pitching coach Steve McCatty hired by Indians' affiliate

Former Washington Nationals' pitching coach Steve McCatty interviewed with the Detroit Tigers earlier this winter but did not get the job. Today he was announced as the Class-A Lake County Captains' pitching coach, joining Cleveland's minor league system.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Nationals' manager Dusty Baker told reporters last month that he suggested that his friend Matt Williams find another job in baseball as soon as possible after Williams was relieved of his duties on the bench in the nation's capital, one year after he was named the NL Manager of the Year.

"I urged him to get back on the field," Baker said. "He said he could take a job in Arizona as third base coach and I urged him to do that because this isn't his last go-round and he'll get another chance some day soon."

Some of Williams' coaches like Rick Schu and Bobby Henley returned to their positions after they too were relieved of their duties initially this winter.

Others like Randy Knorr and Matt Lecroy took jobs elsewhere in the Nationals' organization.

Former pitching coach Steve McCatty, who filled that role in Washington from 2009-2015, said he was still looking for his next job when he spoke to MLB Network Radio earlier this winter just after he'd interviewed with the Detroit Tigers without getting the job as their pitching coach

"Always waiting and trying to find a job, hoping some way to get back in the game right now," McCatty said.

"I know there's been a lot of changes, but once you lose a job, it's kind of tough to get another one back in the major leagues, and it didn't work out with Detroit, would have been great, but still just hoping that there's something out there that somebody will find me useful in some way to come back and help a little bit."

"[Steve] McCatty is the only pitching coach I've known professionally and we've shared more of a relationship than just being coach and player," Stephen Strasburg told reporters at Nats WinterFest last month.

"I wish him the best. I hope he gets a job someplace else because he definitely deserves it."

While McCatty didn't land another major league gig, he did sign on with the Class-A Lake County Captains in the Cleveland Indians' organization today:

No word on whether or not the Captains' logo is a cartoon image of McCatty introduced after he was hired or if that's always been their logo...