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Nats Nightly: Washington Nationals' Hot Stove talk, rumors, trades, signings + more

I'm still pretty sure that Danny Espinosa is going to start the season at short for the Washington Nationals, but I hadn't, till tonight, considered the possibility that Stephen Drew was signed to start at short. I'd prefer Trea Turner, of course. We talk the Nats...

According to the stats provided by, our show Nats Nightly was downloaded (which I assume means listened to as long as people could stand it) a total of 205,020 times in 2015, which is not to brag since I honestly have no idea if that's a lot or a little comparatively (does anyone want to buy ads? Doghouse gives you "drink" companies all kinds of free promotion).

The point I was trying to make by mentioning it, is that it's a bit surprising that that many people or maybe one or two people 100,000+ times, have listened to Dave Nichols from the DSP, Doghouse and I talk about the Nats over the last calendar year.

So thanks. And thanks to everyone else who's helped out on the show including guests like Joe Drugan from The Nats Blog, Tom Bridge from the DSP and our own Jim Meyerriecks, who made his Nats Nightly debut this past season. And thanks to everyone who listened and the people who retweeted or shared it.

We fired up the podcast again tonight to talk about the Nationals' moves so far this winter, including the trade that brought Ben Revere to the nation's capital and what it means for Michael Taylor, the signing of free agent second baseman Daniel Murphy and what it means for the Nats' defense, the Nationals' bullpen additions and who plays short (will it be Danny Espinosa or Stephen Drew or Trea Turner? Please, please let it be Trea Turner!) when the season starts?

You can listen to the show below, and if you don't know, for the last few seasons we've done a post game talk show as often as possible and as soon as possible after each game, talking about the games in particular, the big picture stuff and more on a nightly basis.

It's fun for us to do whether or not anyone listens really, and as I've told Doghouse before, I get embarrassed and more uncomfortable each time we meet someone who says that they listen to the show because I prefer to believe that the people on the show are just talking to each other, kinda listening to each other while texting insults back and forth about what the other people are saying and no one else is listening. 200,000+ downloads? I might have to quit doing it: