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New Nationals' outfielder Ben Revere on Jonathan Papelbon, Dusty Baker + more...

New Washington Nationals' outfielder Ben Revere talked on MLB Network Radio this morning about joining the Nationals, joining his former Philadelphia Phillies' teammate Jonathan Papelbon and his own history with Nats' skipper Dusty Baker.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Ben Revere was up early for an MLB Network Radio interview this morning, but luckily he was awake enough and he was prepared when the show's hosts, Steve Phillips and Todd Hollandsworth, posed a tough question at the start.

What happens if he's sitting at his locker and new Nationals teammates Bryce Harper and Jonathan Papelbon approach him and separately ask him to go out to dinner at the same time?

"I'll probably say I've got to go to the bathroom," the Nationals' new 27-year-old outfielder joked.

"When he was with the Red Sox I knew him and we played together for three or four years when I was with the Phillies. He's always been a great teammate." -Ben Revere on Nationals' closer Jonathan Papelbon

Revere, acquired by the Nationals this past weekend in a trade that sent Drew Storen to the Toronto Blue Jays, has history with Papelbon, of course, having played with the right-hander in Philadelphia over the past few seasons.

"I know a lot of people have a lot of hate for Papelbon, but he was a good teammate to me," Revere said.

"I was with Philadelphia and I know, come this year he's going to be a good teammate to Bryce because we're going to come in here and do this job like we need to."

Fights between teammates, as many Nationals have noted since the late-season dugout altercation between Harper and Papelbon, are more commonplace than you'd think, but not all of them are captured by cameras.

When they all come together at Spring Training next month, Revere said, everyone will be focused on the same goal.

"The main goal is to win," Revere said this morning. "A little bit is a misunderstanding of Papelbon. When he was with the Red Sox I knew him and we played together for three or four years when I was with the Phillies. He's always been a great teammate."

Revere, who said his grandfather read and told him about a story predicting that he would get traded to the Nationals before the deal went through this past weekend, said he was excited about the team he's joining in Washington, D.C.

"Going to a really good team," he said, "and of course I faced these guys a lot when I was with the Phillies.

"I love the city of D.C., man, and some of the guys I know, plus I'm playing with some great talent, but it's going to be a lot of fun this year. Dusty Baker, he's a great coach, I've heard a bunch of great things about him."

He said he's talked to Baker before when the veteran manager was on the bench with the Cincinnati Reds and he was coming up with the Minnesota Twins.

"My first kind of couple full seasons with the Twins, he was coaching with the Reds and I was talking to him," Revere said, "was having a pretty good year, back in 2012, during that time he was trying to like trade me over from the Twins to the Reds to play with him and I was just kind of talking to him a little bit and especially talking to [Brandon] Phillips and Joey Votto and some of the guys that played with him, Jay Bruce, they loved the guy. They were kind of really ticked off when he got let go by Cincinnati. You see what he's done. He's been to multiple, multiple playoff games and wins with different and of course a couple times to the World Series. He knows what he's doing. He knows how to win and he knows get his team to the playoffs and get them in the best position to win games.

"With the team that we have this year, with the talent in the minors leagues, he's going to get us all ready to prepare to win and hopefully win a championship."