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Washington Nationals reportedly avoid arbitration with Ben Revere and Danny Espinosa

The Washington Nationals have signed all four of their remaining arbitration-eligible players today, with newly-acquired outfielder Ben Revere and infielder Danny Espinosa the last two to have their one-year deals announced.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Nationals started the day with four arbitration-eligible players unsigned, but in advance of today's deadline to sign the players or submit figures for arbitration, the Nats have reportedly agreed on one-year deals with all four.

Anthony Rendon and Stephen Strasburg's deals were announced earlier this afternoon (though only Rendon's has been confirmed by the team at this point).

According to several reports, both infielder Danny Espinosa and recently-acquired outfielder Ben Revere have avoided arbitration as well, with Jon Heyman reporting that Espinosa, 28, got a $2.875M deal and Revere and the Nationals settled at $6.25M.

[ed. note - "Heyman clearly means Revere/Nationals in the tweet below, I assume. Cut him a break, he's churning out info for everyone this afternoon."]:

Espinosa, 28, had something of a bounce-back campaign in his fifth major league season in 2015, finishing the year with a .240/.311/.409 line, 21 doubles and 13 home runs in 114 games and 364 plate appearances, over which he was worth 0.6 fWAR.

Espinosa earned $1.8M last season after avoiding arbitration.

Revere was acquired from the Blue Jays this past weekend along with a PTBNL, with the Nationals sending Drew Storen and cash to Toronto in return.

Revere, 27, put up a .306/.342/.377 line, 22 doubles, seven triples, two home runs and 31 stolen bases in 152 games and 634 plate appearances in a 1.9 fWAR campaign spent with the Jays and Philadelphia Phillies.

He avoided arbitration with the Phillies last January, agreeing on a 1-year/$4.1M deal. He's under team control for 2017 as well, one of the selling points Nats' GM Mike Rizzo discussed after the deal was announced.

"We like the fact that Ben will be with us for at least two seasons," Rizzo said.

"I thought that was an important component because we like the player. He’s age-appropriate at 27-years-old. He’s got a lot left in the tank and we think that he’s a player that can impact us for a couple of years."

The Nationals have now signed all of their arbitration-eligible players...