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Washington Nationals Rumors: Nats talks with Yoenis Cespedes serious?

Will the Washington Nationals actually land free agent outfielder Yoenis Cespedes? After reports of an offer last night, things have apparently gotten "serious" according to the latest updates. How would it work? Will another trade follow?

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

In case you aren't glued to your Twitter feed following the Washington Nationals' rumored pursuit of 30-year-old free agent outfielder Yoenis Cespedes, we thought we'd gather the pertinent info here in one place as the story picks up steam this afternoon.

As noted early this week, both's Ken Rosenthal and USA Today Sports' writer Bob Nightengale wrote recently about the Nationals' rumored interest in Cespedes:

"The exact market for Cespedes remains unclear," Rosenthal wrote in a follow-up article last night, "but the Nationals are indeed pursuing the slugger, according to major-league sources."

Earlier this winter, the Nationals reportedly checked in on both Jason Heyward (who reportedly received a $200M offer from the Nats before signing with the Chicago Cubs) and Justin Upton (who signed a 6-year/$132.75M deal with the Detroit Tigers this week), the latter after agreeing on a trade that sent Drew Storen and cash to the Toronto Blue Jays for Ben Revere and a PTBNL. They are, however, apparently still in the market for an outfield addition.

Rosenthal wrote last night that they had indeed made an offer to Cespedes.

"The team’s offer to Cespedes is said to be for less than the Tigers gave Upton," Rosenthal reported, noting that, "Nats ownership is intrigued by Cespedes, sources said."

Rosenthal is no longer the only one reporting that the Nationals made an offer, with a few other reports emerging this afternoon:

Where will Cespedes fit? What will the Nationals do with their other outfielders like Jayson Werth, who still has 2-years/$42M left on the 7-year/$126M deal with Washington?

What about Michael Taylor, who two weeks ago looked to be the everyday center fielder in 2016? What would it mean for Revere? Would the Nationals go with Cespedes in left, Revere in center and Bryce Harper in right?

Will another team step up, or will the Nats land themselves a big outfield bat? We'll update when there is more information...