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Washington Nationals add Dan Jennings to front office as a Special Assistant

The former Miami Marlins' executive and manager, Dan Jennings, joined the Washington Nationals today. Jennings was hired by the Nats as a special assistant to the GM, who will "focus on all facets of the Nationals' scouting operations," according to a press release.

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Coming off what a press release this afternoon kindly described as the "unique experience of serving the Miami Marlins both in "an executive role," as Vice President and General Manager, "as well as in an on-field capacity" as the Marlins' manager from May on this season, Dan Jennings, who was relieved of his duties with the Fish earlier this winter, is set for, "a brand new experience" in his new role in the Washington Nationals' front office.

Jennings was hired as a Special Assistant to Nats' GM Mike Rizzo this afternoon.

Jennings, the Nationals' press release on the hiring says, "will focus on all of the Nationals' scouting operations," in his new role in the front office in the nation's capital.

Jennings leaves Miami after working with the organization since 2002, first as Vice President of Player Personnel and later as an Assistant General Manager and General Manager, during which time he "focused on roster management, arbitration, payroll, contract research and negotiations, and waiver rule compliance."

He had previously served as an Associate Scout for the Cincinnati Reds (1986), and as an Area Scout for the Seattle Mariners (1988), who promoted him to the role of Midwest Crosschecker (1995) before he was hired as the Director of Scouting for the Tampa Bay Rays ('95).

Jennings, of course, made an odd move from the front office to the bench in 2015, taking over for Mike Redmond as the Marlins' manager in mid-May, and was relieved of his duties as the skipper once the season ended, but instead of returning to his role in the front office, he was fired by Miami in spite of the fact that he was reportedly still owed $5.6M over the next three years.