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Check out the intro video for Nationals vs Dodgers NLDS Game 3 featuring Vin Scully

Because you can never have too much Vin Scully.

Today’s Nationals-Dodgers game will take place in Los Angeles, and will be televised on MLB Network. Bob Costas, Jim Kaat and Jon Paul Morosi will call the game, which starts at 4:08 PM EST.

Among many other things, the game will be the first held at Dodger Stadium this season that isn’t called by Vin Scully, the legendary voice of the Dodgers.

Scully won’t broadcast another Dodgers game after this season, either; after a 67-year career, the commentator called it quits.

However, MLB Network has decided to bring a little more Scully to the table, as shown in the video that will precede today’s Nats-Dodgers game.

The video, narrated by Tom Selleck, shows Scully walking through the tunnels of Dodger Stadium, before sitting down in his broadcast booth, has footage of many legendary moments from playoffs past — and audio from Scully’s most memorable postseason calls.

Interestingly, the video uses rotoscoping and tracking techniques for some footage, so it can be presented from the angle that Scully originally saw the moments from.

MLB Network has a free preview on nearly every cable provider, so you don’t have too many excuses to miss today’s game.

Check out the video below: