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There’s a new “Too Many Nats” and we can’t be more excited

Probably the best news ever.

You may be familiar with the original “Too Many Nats” video, also known as the greatest video known to mankind.

Something you may not know: the same creator of the original “Too Many Nats” has released a new edition of the video, entitled — wait for it — “Two Many Nats”.

Needless to say, it’s... well, incredible.

DungeonMasterlvl5 posted the video on

The new edition has some video from the 2016 season, the All-Star game, and a few updated captions — which are very necessary as the season has changed our views of some players.

For instance, Wilson Ramos is now the ‘Lasik Spokesbuffalo.’

Anthony Rendon has become ‘Trea Turner’s favorite player,’ as well as introducing Mark Melancon and the bullpen, plus featuring Bob Carpenter as “Bob ‘See-you-late-the ball is in the second baseman’s glove on the infield’ Carpenter.”

Hopefully, this video will provide another boost to the Nats so they can get a Game 4 win — but no matter what, this is the best news ever.

Warning: There are a few instances of language that can be considered inappropriate.

Check out the video below: