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The worst decisions in Nationals' loss in NLDS Game 5...

The season is over. Game 5 was nice, but a lot of bad decisions condemn us to the elimination.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Ok, it is gone. Nothing can change my belief that we were the best team in the postseason after the Cubs, but the playoffs said something different and I have to accept the result.

Anyway, last night was a big night for Nationals Park, full of passionate fans, which was something beautiful to see, that we saw repeatedly during the season. However, last night we saw also bad things. Here are five worst things we saw...

1. Max Scherzer played six great innings. He proved to be one of the best pitchers in the league. However, he should have been done after six. Instead, Dusty decided to send him on the mound also for the seventh inning. Everybody knows the result. He said he pitched well. Maybe, but the quality of the first six innings was something better.

2. Werth could never have reached home safely. Bad communication. Very bad.:

3. Six (Six?!) pitchers in one inning. It's a record. A bad record. The eighth inning could be decisive. Jansen had already pitched during the seventh inning and the Nationals had a big opportunity.

Instead, what has happened? Espinosa popped out to first on an attempted sacrifice bunt. After him, Jansen got Pedro Severino to fly out to center field and struck out Michael A. Taylor because Ryan Zimmerman and Anthony Rendon were out of the game after double-switches the previous two innings. Not good. Inning over, hope gone.

4. Maybe is the METRO administration are Dodgers fans?! The Nationals play the most important game in the last two years and they didnt make any effort to take METRO open after 11:40 pm? Luckily, the trains remained empty and the fans stayed in the stadium to support the team.