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Wire Taps: Wilson Ramos undergoes ACL surgery; Nationals offseason guide; Don't blame Dusty Baker

The season may be over for the Washington Nationals, but there is still news to consume. Catch up on the weekend that was in NatsTown...

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We're not really sure where to go from here, other than into the offseason. Regardless, there are still links. And there's still news.

Don't blame the Nats' loss on Dusty Baker
Yes, the Nationals lost. But Dusty Baker pulled all the right strings that normally would have worked -- the moves simply didn't work out.

Wilson Ramos undergoes ACL surgery, rehab will take 6-8 months
Ramos won't be ready for the start of the 2017 season (if he's even still a National by that time -- the catcher is a free agent after the World Series ends).

Offseason guide and predictions for the Nationals
The Nats now have quite a few decisions to make regarding the offseason, who they'll resign, who they'll go after, and who they'll trade for -- here's an introduction:

Boswell: How do we process three heartbreaking playoff losses in five years?
The Nats have a rap as unable to get out of the first round... but they're not first-class chokers. Yet. And anyways, this one hurt less than 2014... right?