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Wire Taps: Ideas for the Nationals' offseason; Lucas Giolito disappointed by performance; AZ Fall League update

The Washington Nationals have been eliminated, but they're still making news. We collect it all for you so you can stay informed and impress your friends...

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Is it better to root against the team that eliminated your team, or for them? I'm asking for a friend.

Let's hit the links.

Boswell: A few ideas for the Nats' offseason
Ian Desmond, once again wearing the Curly W, with Pedro Severino behind the dish as Mark Melancon records a save? That's what Thomas Boswell is thinking.

Nats Arizona Fall League update
While the MLB Playoffs storm ahead, the Arizona Fall League is just getting kicked off -- and there are a few Nats down in the desert.

Lucas Giolito disappointed by his performance in the majors this season
Giolito, only 22 years old, made his major-league debut this past season. It could have gone really well. He could have been a star down the stretch for the Nats. He wasn't, and nobody is more frustrated about that than him.

Tony Kornheiser says the Capitals have infected the Nationals 'like the Zika virus'
The Nats have lost three playoff series. In Kornheiser's book, that's too similar to the Washington Capitals' inability to advance deep into the playoffs.