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Wire Taps: Nationals place Aaron Barrett on waivers; 50/50 raffle reports $20K in unclaimed winnings; Nats to go hard for Mark Melancon

All the news that's fit to link. All in one place for your convenience. Catch up on the offseason news on the Nationals.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

It may be World Series season, but that doesn't mean the Nats have gone into hibernation. Yet. Which means that there's still news.

Here's the latest from Nationals Park.

Nationals place Aaron Barrett on waivers
Barrett was out for the entire season with multiple elbow injuries, and the Nats decided that it may soon be time to cut ties with the reliever.

Nats report more than $20,000 in unclaimed raffle ticket winnings
If you've been to Nationals Park for a Friday, Saturday or Sunday game, you'll know the 50/50 raffle -- half of the proceeds go to the Nationals Dream Foundation, and the other half goes to the winner. Except for the fact that sometimes, the winner forgets to come forward. And leaves $17,425 on the table.

Nats expected to "go hard" after Mark Melancon
Mike Rizzo and the Lerners seemed to like having Mark Melancon on the squad. So much, in fact, that they're expected to go after Melancon pretty aggressively in free agency.

Expos/Nats now have MLB's longest pennant drought
Bad news for the Nats: Given that neither the Expos nor the Nationals have ever clinched a spot in the World Series, and given that the Cubs won the pennant last night, the Nats have the longest pennant drought.