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Wire Taps: A financial look at the Nationals' offseason; Who to root for; How the Nats can make the series in '17

Catch up on all the latest Nationals news and try not to think about how far away Opening Day is for the 2017 season.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The World Series may be underway, but you just know that Mike Rizzo is up to something somewhere. Right? (It's also possible that he could be taking a much-needed vacation).

No matter what Mike Rizzo's up to, there are links. So, here are the links.

Cubs or Indians? A rooting guide for the undecided Nats fan
Cubs? Indians? (Or you can root for a good series, like a normal fan without rooting interests in the game.)

Taking a financial look at the Nationals' off-season
It's that time of year: Seeing who's up for a new contract, who's up for arbitration, the free-agents...

Yadiel Hernandez breaks the mold for international signings
The Nats made their first foray into the Cuban market in a while by "taking a chance" on a veteran Cuban outfielder by the name of Yadiel Hernandez

A plan for the Nats to make the World Series next year
The Nats definitely have stuff to do before they can reach that mark, but it may not be as far away as you think.

Barrett elects free agency
Barrett rejected an outright assignment to Triple-A after clearing waivers, and instead declared free agency.