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Nationals’ Bryce Harper stars in new T-Mobile Ad

Just because he’s Bryce Harper doesn’t mean he can’t fold some underwear.

Bryce Harper has been pretty busy on and off the field this year — not only did the right fielder play in nearly every game all season (he played 147 of 162, the second most in his career), but he’s also starred in quite a few ads for companies such as Under Armour and Gatorade.

Harper added to his ad total this season in a new spot for T-Mobile, which debuted during the AL Wild Card Game last night.

In the ad, Harper talks to an unsuspecting fan at a laundromat, reminding him of the importance of being able to stream Harper’s games while he’s in action during the playoffs (and Bryce folds some baseball underwear while he’s at it, too).

The ad is a part of T-Mobile’s #UnlimitedBaseball campaign, in which they’re awarding fans prizes for posting a photo or a video explaining why they’re baseball’s number one fan, the grand prize being tickets to the entirety of the 2017 World Series.

For Harper, maybe folding some underwear will provide him with the spark he needs to help the Nats in the playoffs — crazier things have happened.

Check out the ad below: