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Wire Taps: Nationals probably won't get Yoenis Cespedes; Yankees should go after Gio Gonzalez; What to do about starting pitching?

There are plenty of questions out there that the Washington Nationals need to answer this winter. We don't have answers. We do have links.

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What do we do when there's no baseball season again?

Oh, right. Rumors. Here's the scoop from South Capitol Street.

The Nats probably won't sign Yoenis Cespedes
Mike Rizzo just doesn't seem to have the financial means necessary to sign Cespedes -- and even if he did, Cespedes wouldn't want to play in centerfield. (Also in here is a great case for Daniel Murphy's MVP candidacy).

Nats don't need starting pitching... but it doesn't mean they won't go after it anyways
A lot of what happens this offseason depends on what Mike Rizzo thinks it's best to do with Gio Gonzalez and his spot in the rotation -- but there's a hoard of young hurlers ready to grab that fifth rotation spot behind Tanner Roark.

The Yankees should make a play for Gio Gonzalez
Gonzalez seems to be the perfect fit for the pinstripes. The deal, on the other hand, may not be as good of a fit if the two sides try to make something happen.

Dusty Baker named Chuck Tanner MLB Manager of the Year
Baker was honored at the 10th annual Chuck Tanner Awards Banquet as baseball's best manager. (Baker is also a finalist for the NL Manager of the Year Award.)

Far Fetched Rumors: The Pirates should definitely trade Andrew McCutchen
It's definitely possible. The real question here is if McCutchen will wear the Curly W come next season...