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5 reasons to love the Nationals’ Anthony Rendon

(Just in case you forgot why he’s so awesome.)

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Washington Nationals Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

In celebration of Anthony Rendon being named this year’s NL Comeback Player of the Year, we thought it may be fitting to remember just why we love the Nationals’ third baseman so much.

1. His assorted yawns

Anthony has always been too cool for school, so it’s no surprise that when everyone else is locked in, he’s already bored by the situation and yawning, whether if he’s at the plate or on the bench.

2. His budding bromance with Trea Turner (Also known as: “THAT’S MY FAVORITE PLAYER!”)

Trea Turner may have only been up in the majors for a half a season, but he’s definitely already got a friend in Anthony Rendon.

Only because you're my favorite player.. #CurlyW

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3. His iconic hair

Sure, he’s a pretty good baseball player. But how about the hair! (He may have as much range with his haircuts as he does on the field.)

4. His web gems

We would be remiss if we didn’t discuss Anthony Rendon’s actual baseball skills, which are, by the way, pretty good, especially out in the infield by third base.

5. His constantly happy demeanor

Seriously, have you ever looked at Anthony Rendon and said, “He looks unhappy”? No matter what, Tony Two Bags is always wearing a smile on his face.