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Nationals’ Anthony Rendon NL Comeback Player of the Year Topps NOW card

Anthony Rendon is the latest Washington Nationals player to get the Topps NOW treatment with a new card for his National League Comeback Player of the Year award.

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As the Washington Nationals noted in a press release on Anthony Rendon being named the National League’s Comeback Player of the Year for 2016, the award is given out each year to, “one player in each League who has re-emerged on the field during the season.”

Beat reporters for each team at vote on the winners, who are selected, “... from an original list of 30 candidates (one per MLB Club).”

As we noted in an article on the award yesterday, Rendon bounced back from an injury-plagued 2015 campaign which saw him put up a .264/.344/.363 line, with 16 doubles and five home runs in 80 games and 355 plate appearances, over which he was worth 0.9 fWAR, with a solid .270/.348/.450 line, 38 doubles and 20 HRs in 156 games and 647 PAs this past season, finishing at 4.7 fWAR.

Rendon led all Nationals’ hitters in runs scored (91), finished second in hits (153) and doubles (38) and was third on the team in RBIs (85).

Rendon’s award earned him a Topps NOW card as well.

As the card company notes on their site, “Topps NOW™ celebrates baseball’s greatest moments... as they happen,” and are, “available for 24 hours, only at”

During the regular season, the Nationals had a number of their players get the Topps NOW treatment with Ben Revere, Danny Espinosa, Bryce Harper, Lucas Giolito and a number of others getting their own unique baseball card.

Now Rendon joins the Topps NOW club. Get your card through the link below:

TOPPS: Topps NOW offers trading cards featuring MLB's best moments immediately after they occur. Topps will print and deliver only the amount that is purchased within the allotted 24-hour time frame.