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Welcome to Washington Nationals’ Winterfest 2016...

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If you can’t make it to WinterFest, Federal Baseball has you covered with behind the scenes coverage and player interviews all day...

WASHINGTON, D.C. - It’s that time of year again. Washington Nationals WinterFest is here. We’re on the scene in the Walter E. Washington Convention covering the 2016 version of the annual event. Check back often today for quotes and notes from the festivities. We’ll have access to a long list of players including A.J. Cole, Wilmer Difo, Pedro Severino, Daniel Murphy, Max Scherzer, Adam Eaton, Joe Ross, Trevor Gott and Derek Norris as well Bench Coach Chris Speier and Pitching Coach Mike Maddux.

As always it will be a quote-filled afternoon behind the scenes while Nationals fans interact with the players and participate in a number of kid-friendly activities out front.

If you want to follow along and enjoy things vicariously without leaving the comfort of your home to venture out into the cold, we’ve got you covered with all the info we can get out between interviews [ed. note - “It’s sometimes hard to get much out honestly, there is a steady parade of players throughout the day and lots of transcribing to do.”]

You can follow along on Federal Baseball’s Twitter feed below for the blurry pics we can capture and dashed off quotes we can get together throughout the day.

Enjoy yourself if you’re here or follow along with FBB...