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Washington Nationals introduce new jersey, hats for 2017

New season, new jerseys (and hats).

C/o @Nationals on Twitter

It’s been more than three years since the Washington Nationals last made an (albeit, minor) addition to their uniforms, when they added a new cap to their lineup in March of 2013. The Nats made a new addition to their uniforms again on Saturday, when they introduced a new white patriotic jersey and two new caps on day one of Winterfest.

The new jersey, as seen below, is the same design as the Nationals’ typical home-white uniform, but with a stars-and-stripes design in the ‘curly W’. The new hats, also seen below, are two opposite designs, featuring either red caps and blue bills, or blue caps and red bills, both featuring the same stars-and-stripes ‘curly W’.

Dusty Baker (and the rest of the Nationals) modeled the new uniforms at Winterfest.

The new uniforms won’t completely replace the navy blue patriotic design that the Nationals have previously worn for patriotic occasions, but they will be substituted in during day games in which the Nats choose to wear patriotic uniforms.