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Wire Taps: Nationals hope Ryan Zimmerman can have bounceback year; Victor Robles, Lucas Giolito, and the long view; Derek Norris expects smooth transition

Catch up on the last couple days in Nationals news that you might have missed while living your life...

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Just because it's cold doesn't mean that there's no baseball news. With that in mind, enjoy today's Wire Taps, hot off the presses.

Boswell: Adam Eaton may be the first domino to fall in Bryce Harper's departure
If history is any indication, Mike Rizzo traded for Adam Eaton not just for next season, but to be part of the outfield that will eventually replace Bryce Harper. "Wow" is right.

Here's how a 9-year-old ended up on stage next to Dusty Baker
Dusty Baker makes friends wherever -- and when we say wherever, we mean it -- he goes. That includes lost 9-year-olds.

Robles, Giolito, and the long view
The Nationals sent a lot to the White Sox, but they kept their most important piece: Victor Robles.

Nats hope that RyanZimmerman can regain his luster
When Zimmerman signed his 6-year extension in 2012, he was the face of the franchise. Now, Zimmerman is struggling to hit above .240 and hopes to get back to the impressive performances he was known for in the early years of the franchise.

Derek Norris expects a smooth transition to Nationals
Norris, who has already been part of the Nationals organization once, expects the transition to the red, white and blue to be relatively easy.