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The coolest Washington Nationals-themed gifts you can give and get this holiday season

‘Tis the season for Natitude.

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Annual Easter Egg Roll Held At The White House Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The holiday season is upon us! For most of December, we don’t think about baseball that much, save for a trade rumor here or a free-agent signing there. However, we can always get a reminder of those long, baseball-filled summer nights through the joy of gift giving and receiving. Here are some Nats-themed ideas to give (or to ask for) to get the Nats fan in your life through the long winter ahead...

A Nationals-themed Prinstant Replay

Sometimes, you want to see every side of an amazing play. And that includes the modern art side via a Prinstant Replay, which will show you where Jayson Werth’s walk-off home run in Game 4 of the 2012 NLDS landed. Other Nats-themed Prinstant Replays include Bryce Harper’s 100th home run and Ryan Zimmerman’s walk-off home run from the first game at Nationals Park.

A “Make Baseball Fun Again” T-Shirt from BreakingT

Just because the election is over doesn’t mean Bryce Harper’s campaign to Make Baseball Fun Again is over. You can help Natstown’s favorite right-fielder in his bipartisan movement by giving (or asking for) his campaign t-shirt.

Or, if you think baseball is already fun enough, you can check out BreakingT’s full line of Nats-related t-shirts.

A new-for-2017 jersey or hat

C/o @SportsLogosNet on Twitter

The Nationals introduced a new patriotic home jersey and two sets of new patriotic caps at Winterfest earlier in December. What better way to support the team than sporting one of these brand-new jerseys or hats?

Now, the fun part:

Let us know about the coolest Nats-related gifts you gave or got over the holidays! Drop a comment below, post on our Facebook page, or tweet us (@federalbaseball), and we’ll pick some of our favorites for a post later on!

Happy holidays!