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Wire Taps: Adam Eaton, Nationals' Star Player; Should Eaton stay in right?; Why did the Nats give up so much?

Catch up on the latest Nationals news from the 2016 MLB Meetings... and get to know the newest Nats' outfielder Adam Eaton.

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Win now? Win now.

Here's the latest from National Harbor.

Meet Adam Eaton, the Nationals' latest star
No, Adam Eaton does not scream "superstar" the way Bryce Harper does -- but he's still a well-rounded player who can add a whole lot of value to the Nats.

It might be best for Adam Eaton to stay in right field
Eaton had the best defensive season of his career last season, which, by no coincidince, was his first season in right field instead of center field. Should the Nats move Harper back to center field and give Eaton right?

Why did the Nats give up so much for Adam Eaton?
The Nats gave the White Sox a whole lot of (really good) prospects just for Adam Eaton, who is good (but not amazing) offensively, and barely mediocre on defense. Why?

Rizzo discusses Nats' acquisition of Adam Eaton
The GM seemed generally pleased with the acquisition of the Nationals' newest outfielder.

Bryce Harper may be worth $400 million after all
If Harper can replicate, or even come relatively close to his 2015 season, he could definitely be worth the reported $400 million deal he's seeking.

Dusty Baker: ‘In my mind, I’m better than most guys 20 years younger than me’
When asked about his future in managing, Baker pointed out, once again, that age is just a number.

Analyzing the return of Derek Norris
Despite the cloud of uncertainty above his head heading into next season, Norris can still be a significant offensive improvement over the Nationals' other options at catcher.