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Wire Taps: Nationals looking at Kenley Jansen, Alex Colome, David Robertson; Adam Eaton trade was not a 'panic move'

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals and see what people think about the job Washington's GM Mike Rizzo did at the recently-concluded Winter Meetings.

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The Winter Meetings are over, and Winterfest beckons. After that, the next major event isn't until February, when pitchers and catchers report. Baseball truly is a waiting game.

Here's the latest from Nationals Park.

Nats looking at Jansen, Colome, Robertson
The Nats have talkedvwith Kenley Jansen's representatives, and have considered going after Alex Colome or David Robertson.

With regards to Adam Eaton: Don't hate the player, hate the trade
Adam Eaton isn't as mediocre as people make him out to be -- in fact, he's pretty good. What people have the right to be at least somewhat upset about is what the Nats had to give up to get him.

The Adam Eaton trade was not a 'panic move' for the Nats
No, he's not a star, but the critics of the trade are missing a big point -- Eaton is a good player on a great contract (for the Nats, that is).

It's all about closing for the Nats, both on and off the field
The last big move the Nats have to make will be acquiring the pitcher they want throwing the last pitch of most games.

Nats play the numbers game in deal for Adam Eaton
Look at the numbers! (Seriously, look at them, they're pretty good.)

Nats were reportedly looking at Blackmon before they acquired Eaton
Before Adam Eaton was a Nat, Mike Rizzo apparently checked in with the Colorado Rockies about outfielder Charlie Blackmon.