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Spring (training) is right around the corner for the Nationals!

What do you want from the Nationals in this year's Grapefruit League campaign?

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

It's February! The winter blizzard is a week in the past and yesterday's 60 degree weather here in D.C. signals that spring is near, and indeed it is. Spring training is only three weeks away now!

Here are a few questions to consider as we prepare ourselves for real baseball again:

  • The roster increasingly seems to be set for 2016, though there are still a few rumors out there bubbling and brewing. Is there one move that you really wish Mike Rizzo will go ahead with to make the team more competitive this year?

  • Who do you really hope has a great spring? Is it a breakout candidate or a rebound candidate? It could be a young kid like Trea Turner or an old fogey like Jayson Werth.

  • Is there a position where you are hoping for fierce competition in spring training? It could be Espi vs. Trea at short. It could be MAT vs. Revere in center. It could be the battle for that last bullpen spot or the last outfield spot.

  • Are you so starved of baseball that you don't even care about all these trivial details and just want to hear the crack of baseball connecting with wood under sunny skies again?
We all really want the Nats to beat those pesky Mets and show them who's who, so going into the season strong is important for the Nationals, though on one level just having baseball back is pretty important on its own.