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Former Washington Nationals teammates Jordan Zimmermann, Ian Desmond Twitter fun

Ian Desmond asked the internet for help picking a new Twitter profile pic this morning, so now-former Washington Nationals teammate Jordan Zimmermann tried to help out with some "caption contest" suggestions. Fun stuff...

Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

Ian Desmond is still looking for a new home. Will the Tampa Bay Rays sign him? Will someone else step up and ink the veteran shortstop? Jordan Zimmermann got his new deal early this winter when he agreed on a 5-year/$110M deal with the Detroit Tigers on November 30th. The two former Washington Nationals had a fun back and forth on the Twitter this afternoon when Desmond reached out to his followers looking for a new Twitter avatar/profile pic:

We offered our own suggestion to Desmond, but he chose another option. [ed. note - "Whatever, Desmond, that's fine. Not like we followed you since the '04 Draft or anything. It's fine."]:

A little while later, Desmond's former teammate offered his own suggestions along with evergreen "add captions to this pic" jokes:

Desmond apparently liked it, so he sent one back to the Tigers' no.2 starter:

It didn't stop there, as Zimmermann added another line:

Desmond and Zimmermann will be missed in the nation's capital in 2016. Both were well-liked by fans (though, yes, what is likely Desmond's final season in D.C. frustrated some).

You can still follow them on Twitter, of course, and cheer for them... [ed. note - "Insert requisite, 'Not when they are playing against the Nationals though,' line."]

In case you didn't notice, Desmond's current profile pic is the one he chose as the winner...

Where do you think Desmond will eventually sign? He's gotta sign somewhere, right? The Nationals need that comp pick!