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Washington Nationals Spring Training 2016 Pics: Bryce Harper, Gio Gonzalez and more

Pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training tomorrow, but some Washington Nationals are already in Viera, FL and the first pics of the Spring are making their way out on social media. Bryce Harper, Reed Johnson, Gio Gonzalez and more...

Screencap via @washingnats on the Twitter
Screencap via @washingnats on the Twitter

We'll have to wait for someone with the New York Mets to tweet out a picture of how ripped Roger Bernadina got over the winter since he isn't with the Washington Nationals anymore, having signed a minor league deal with the defending NL East champs. Okay, Bernadina hasn't been with the Nats for years, but the yearly updates on how big his arms looked in shirts that he appeared to have stolen from a child in his family were always a highlight from the early days of Spring Training. What we got instead today, as players start to trickle into the Nationals' training facilities in Viera, were pics of Reed Johnson (in a "You Like That" t-shirt that was clearly meant for a kid) and Bryce Harper showing off the results of their offseason work, Gio Gonzalez showing off his flowing locks and a video from the Nats that shows Joe Ross, Trea Turner, Spencer Kieboom and others making their way to Spring Training from their offseason homes.

Pitchers and catchers officially report tomorrow, but the Spring Training pics and TBSOHL jokes are already flowing. Here is a look at some of the pictures from the start of the 2016 campaign:

The Nationals released a video of a number of their young stars preparing for the trip to Viera:

Washington Post writer Chelsea Janes captured Reed Johnson and Gio Gonzalez's flowing locks:

Here's another shot of Gio Gonzalez signing autographs... will a hat fit over that hair?:

And here is Bryce Harper getting in another workout from his own Instagram page: