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MLB Network Presents - Dusty: A Baseball Journey with Nationals' manager Dusty Baker

The latest offering from the MLB Network is a documentary on new Washington Nationals' manager Dusty Baker entitled, "MLB Network Presents Dusty: A Baseball Journey". We got a preview of the documentary before it airs Tuesday night (2/9) at 9:00 PM.

Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Attending the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967. Meeting Jimi Hendrix on the street in San Francisco and smoking a (non-tobacco) cigarette with the music legend. Watching Hank Aaron hit his historic 715th home run from the on-deck circle.

Taking part in what's believed to be the first "high five" in baseball history -- though he says that one was actually his Los Angeles Dodgers teammate, Glenn Burke.

"You could tell he had 'major league star' written all over him." - Hank Aaron on one-time teammate Dusty Baker

"It was no big deal," Dusty Baker says of that one piece of history. "Glenn Burke did it, not me. Everybody says it was me. It was Glenn."

Johnnie B. "Dusty" Baker has a history of being around for major events by just being in the right place at the right time.

"It's 'Dustiny'. He's at the right place at the right time for a lot of things," Elvin Bishop of the Butterfield Blues Band says in the MLB Network's new documentary, "MLB Presents Dusty: A Baseball Journey."

Has he joined the Washington Nationals just in time to finally win the World Series he's been chasing throughout 20 years on the bench as a major league manager?

Is the nation's capital in 2016 the right place and the right time for Baker to finally win the Series?

Baker was clear that winning it all was obviously the ultimate goal during his introductory press conference in Nationals Park back in November.

"You hate to have voids in your life. You can live without them, but I’d rather not," he said.

Finally winning a World Series if the Nationals manage to with their new manager "will be the icing on the cake," Baker says in the MLB Network special, which will air on Tuesday night (2/9) at 9:00 PM EST.

"I used to call myself back in the day, 'International Bake' even though I wasn't international yet." -Dusty Baker on being excited to work in an international city in D.C.

"The Nationals, you know, they never had a championship," Baker says in the documentary. "So why not now and why not me?"

Why not the Nats? Why not Dusty? Why not now?

After his 19-year career as a major leaguer, twenty years as a manager with the San Francisco Giants, Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds, and two years away from the game, Baker is back in baseball this season, trying to do something good friend Matt Williams was unable to do in his two seasons on the bench in D.C.

Peter Gammons says in the documentary that Baker might be able to help the Nationals get some of their swagger back after a disappointing NLDS loss which ended their 2014 season and a drama-filled 2015 campaign.

Baker, who got off to a rough start in Washington with his comments at the Winter Meetings when asked about former Reds' closer Aroldis Chapman and domestic violence allegations, ends the documentary with some less controversial comments that are still sure to rankle some people for completely different reasons when he talks about the "old school vs new school" battle in baseball.

"Everybody says 'new school' and 'old school'," the 66-year-old Baker says, "but I don't see a whole bunch of this new school dominating and doing a whole bunch of winning.

"They were talking about, 'Oh, you shouldn't bunt, you shouldn't do this,' he continues. "Well, there's only one way to play baseball. You play it correctly. And there's a time to bunt and there's a time to go for the three-run homer.

"And there's nobody that's going to convince me that the way I was taught to play this game -- by some of the baddest dudes that ever played baseball -- that we were playing this game wrong."

Check out the entire documentary on the Nationals' new manager when it airs tomorrow night...