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Wire Taps: Ben Revere's new swing; Lucas Giolito hype begins; Nationals agree with all non-arbitration players

Tonight, MASN airs its first Spring Training game of the spring. Enjoy Bob & FP as much as you can, because you won't see them too much until Opening Day - enjoy the 20th century style TV coverage while it lasts.

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It's Sergeant Harper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Sergeant Harper's Lonely, Sergeant Harper's Lonely, Sergeant Harper's Lonely Hearts Club Band....

While the rest of America looks for the wife to this year's Bachelor (Team JoJo, personally), Nationals fans look for someone much more important... Ryan Zimmerman. More than a week into Spring Training, we still haven't seen the elusive first baseman. Where could he be? On a Jetski with Wilson Ramos? Hanging out with Elon Musk over at the SpaceX launchpad? We don't know, so here's what's going on in Viera without him.

Brendan Ryan is trying to prove himself (once again, at age 33)
Brendan Ryan has found himself fighting for a roster spot that may not be available. It's an interesting story that could end happily, or in a forgotten minor league season.

Ben Revere has developed a new swing

Revere has slightly altered his swing... and it's helping thus far,. Which bears the question: Will there be more than four Revere home runs this season?

Lucas Giolito apparently "cannot be overhyped"
According to Fake Teams, it's a mistake to underestimate the big righty. If you're a fantasy baseball team owner, draft or sign him. If you're a Nationals fan, get excited. If you're a fan of any other NL East team, prepare for a bit of frustration.

Lucas Giolito's baking also cannot be overhyped
Finally, the comprehensive Lucas Giolito baking article we've all been waiting for. Lemon bars came this week... what could come next?

A case for Spring Training games
Even though the standings and scores don't matter, there still may be a reason to watch Spring Training closely. (Looking at you, Trea Turner, Yusmeiro Petit and Joe Ross).

The Nationals agreed to terms with all non arbitration-eligible players on the 40-man roster.

A quick note: The Nationals are giving away a bobblehead this September. The player it portrays is up to the fans - the vote will take place here, and all choices will be revealed at 10 AM today, Thursday, March 10, which is when voting will begin. Voting will end Friday, March 11 at 10 AM.

Today's Game: Astros vs Nationals (MASN)
Probable Pitchers: Collin McHugh (0-0, 0.00 ERA), Bronson Arroyo (0-0, 9.00 ERA)