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Washington Nationals announce Fan Choice Bobblehead options... including Jonathan Papelbon?

The Washington Nationals announced the options for the Fan Choice Bobblehead this morning. Over the next twenty-four hours you can vote to decide which bobblehead they give away in September. Who will it be... apparently the Nationals are wide open to suggestions.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Over the next twenty-four hours, starting right now (or actually about twenty minutes ago), you'll be able to vote for the Fan Choice Bobblehead that will be given away on September 9, 2016.

Earlier this winter, the Washington Nationals announced the rest of the bobblehead giveaways: Two depicting Nats' righty Max Scherzer's no-hitters, a Dusty Baker bobblehead which is sure to feature his trademark wrist bands and toothpick, and a bobblehead commemorating Bryce Harper's 2015 NL MVP Award.

In addition to those there will be a "special figurine" of Jayson Werth and his clubhouse carpet-loving/destroying dog Magnus, a Bryce Harper chia pet and a bobblehead presented by the White House Historical Association.

But the Fan Choice Bobblehead gives you the opportunity to decide what the Nationals give away in September. Who will join the ranks of Frank Howard, Stephen Strasburg, Jordan Zimmerman, Werth, the Racing Presidents and all the other Nats who have been featured as bobbleheads over the years...?

This morning the Nationals released the options you can vote on until 10:00 AM EST tomorrow morning which include, surprisingly to me, just about every player on the current roster who is not already, or has not recently been bobbleheaded... and even more surprisingly, the Nationals included Jonathan Papelbon on the list of potential bobbles.

This is going to end well...

We've already declared ourselves as part of #teamfeliperiverobobblehead though we could be convinced to put our support behind #teamajcolebobblehead or #teamtreaturnerbobblehead seeing as we're already all about #openingdaytrea...

But it's not up to us, though arguably it should be...

But seriously, the internet being what it is, is there any chance that Jonathan Papelbon doesn't win this voting, putting the Nationals in an awkwarder position than can possibly be imagined?

You can vote for the Fan Choice Bobblehead through the link below...