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Weekend Wire Taps: Anthony Rendon's new role; Marlins file salary grievance against Nationals; Mike Rizzo's extension

The Nationals had a stellar weekend, as they didn't lose a single game out of the two they played. On the slightly less bright side, they only won a single game. No, it doesn't really make sense to me either.

Michael A. Taylor is on a Spring Training hot streak.
Michael A. Taylor is on a Spring Training hot streak.
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

After such an odd weekend (1-0-1) that suggests that the Grapefruit League should adapt an English Premier League-style points system, there's probably some interesting stuff coming out of Spring Training.

So, what did actually happen? What are the Nats up to?

The Nationals actually tied the Cardinals today. Really, that's a thing.
Well, this happened. Hey, they didn't lose!

The Marlins are filing a grievance against the Nationals over Dan Jennings' salary
Oh, Dan Jennings- the weirdness surrounding you just never seems to end. After turning himself from GM to manager in Miami last year, the executive was fired, and then brought on by Mike Rizzo as a special assistant. The Marlins are required to pay the difference between the $1.5 million salary he would've received this year as the manager in Miami and his salary in D.C. ($100,000), which the Fish are pretty unhappy about.

The Nationals have until June 15th to exercise their option on Mike Rizzo
Per Barry Svrluga, the Lerner family has until June 15th to extend the well-loved (and sometimes, well-hated) GM for another two years.

Max Scherzer will (probably) start Opening Day
Baker unofficially tabbed the righty for the first game, saying that Scherzer "was Opening Day before I got here".

Michael Taylor is really, really, really hot right now
After Michael A. Taylor continued his hot spring with an insane game Saturday night (3 hits, 2 runs, 1 RBI, 3 ABs), he all but guaranteed his spot on the 25-man roster this season (if it wasn't already guaranteed).

Update from Dusty Baker:

With Ian Desmond gone, Anthony Rendon is stepping up in a community role
Now that Ian Desmond, the main community ambassador for the Nationals, has left, Anthony Rendon has taken his place - as a leader, but also in the Nationals Youth Academy, where Desmond had a profound effect, and was a member of the board. Rendon will be joining the board (Desmond will stay on in a mainly nominal role) and become the main player representative, after much imploring from the veteran shortstop.

Matt Harvey actually backed up Bryce Harper
Matt Harvey has now actually backed up Bryce Harper on his position regarding the unwritten rules. Possibly the first and last time the two will agree this season.

Ever wanted to sing the National Anthem at Nationals Park?
You may be too late, actually. But 50 people who did express interest got to audition in front of an empty stadium on Saturday. Anthem-worthy or not, it's the biggest venue that most people not named Taylor Swift will ever perform in front of. (Late auditions can be sent to