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Nationals' prospect Lucas Giolito baked a pie on 3/14/16 (pi day!)

Pi is 3.14159265359 etc, but if you round pi to six digits you get 3.1416, which just happens to be today's date (3/14/16). Washington Nationals star pitching prospect Lucas Giolito decided to celebrate by baking an appropriately rounded pie.

Photo via Lucas Giolito (@LGio27) on the Twitters.
Photo via Lucas Giolito (@LGio27) on the Twitters.

Lucas Giolito pitches for the Washington Nationals in spring training by day, but by night he is in training to become a baker. With help from his roommates, catcher Spencer Kieboom and pitcher Robert Orlan, he has produced delicacies such as cake, banana bread, and lemon bars. Today they decided to whip up some chocolate pie to celebrate pi day.

Pi day is celebrated on March 14 every year. Everybody learns the first three digits of pi (3.14) in school, and this year if we round it to four decimal points we get a pi of 3.1416 which is of course today's date (March 14, 2016). There is of course no other way to celebrate pi day than by baking or eating a pie.

As promised, the kitchen did soon "heat up":

By the way, do not let the perspective fool you. Robert Orlan, on the left, is six feet tall. He is not a short man. Lucas Giolito is 6'6" and has about 70 pounds on Orlan. He makes most people look small.

Robert Orlan is not a household name among Nats fans like Giolito is and Kieboom may soon be. The left-handed throwing pitcher is a 30th round draft 2012 draft pick who has worked his way up to the Potomac Nationals. You can check out his MILB page here.

The pie took about an hour and a half to mix and bake from scratch, and here is the finished product:

As always, these guys did not cut corners and made everything from scratch. Here are all the ingredients they used:

Thanks to Messrs. Giolito, Kieboom, and Orlan for showing us this slice of the sweet side of baseball life.