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Wire Taps: The end of Chocolate Syrup celebrations; Nationals demote seven; Another tie

It happened again. Somehow, the Nationals tied again. Folks, it's a Nationals crisis.

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Oops, (they) did it again, they played with the 'Stros, didn't lose in the game, oh baby baby, oops, Nats tied it again, never won nor lost, they're not so decisive.

It doesn't make sense for ties to exist in baseball. It's better than losing, but even so. I'm personally still baffled. The vortex of confusion has probably all blinded us from the news of the day, so let's check in on our pals in Viera.

The Nationals tied. Again.
The final score was 1-1. Once again bearing the question, are we in the Barclays Premier League or the Grapefruit League? The world may never know.

It's March, and Dusty Baker is already frustrated with the Nationals' issues with hitting with RISP
Oh, Dusty. You have no idea what you're getting into. Baker, albeit, has gone further than any past manager as to recognize the issue.

RIP, Chocolate Syrup celebrations
Oh, the humanity! Scherzer noted in an interview last week that the celebration would be retired for 2016, to be avenged by... something else that's fun.

Seven cuts made to Nationals Spring Training roster
The latest cuts from Viera: Outfielder Brian Goodwin and left-hander Sammy Solis were optioned to Triple-A Syracuse; left-hander Nick Lee, catcher Spencer Kieboom and infielder Chris Bostick were sent to Double-A Harrisburg; infielder Matt Skole and outfielder Logan Schafer were reassigned to Minor League camp.

#BakingwithGiolito update: Chocolate Chess pie!

Today's game: Nationals vs Astros (MLB Network)
Probable Pitchers: Gio Gonzalez vs Collin McHugh