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Wire Taps: Bryce Harper's Swing-Home Run percentage; Espinosa Pinata Incident; What the Nats can do differently in 2016

Our Nationals nightmare is over, folks. The ties have ended.

Danny Espinosa: Pinata protector (apparently)
Danny Espinosa: Pinata protector (apparently)
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

A super Tuesday it was indeed. Not only did the Nationals complete a 6-4 comeback win against the Astros, but we also got to see Danny Espinosa wrangle a pinata. Oh, what a beautiful day.

Here's what's happening in Natstown.

The Nationals played a game, and it actually finished with a real result.
(The result was a win, by the way).

Adam LaRoche retires
In former Nationals news, Adam LaRoche announced today that he would be "stepping away from baseball". Godspeed, Adam.

Giolito's has a lot of potential impact
Baker. Friend. Pitcher. X-Factor in the NL East. Lucas Giolito, even though he's only in his first spring training, could affect the pennant race this year.

Danny Espinosa did a baseball themed reveal for his baby's gender... and it kind of failed.
Spring Training stats don't matter, right? If they did, Danny Espinosa is kind of done for. Not only is he 0-for-March, but he also managed to mess up hitting a pinata. Oh, Danny.

A different plan for the 2016 Nationals
Last year's Nationals were kind of a trainwreck by the times the season ended. So, what can go differently? It's all here in this handy dandy article.

Bryce Harper doesn't swing too much, but those few swings are productive.
SI took a look at how many times Bryce Harper took a swing last season, and the percentage of when they turned into home runs. (Hint, the percentage is really high)

Today's Game: Nationals vs Marlins
Probable Pitchers: Bronson Arroyo vs Wei-Yin Chen