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Wire Taps: Bronson Arroyo done?; The impending downfall of the Nats; Bryce Harper and Adam LaRoche;

Oh, Bronson. We hardly knew ye (and ye leg kick). Washington Nationals links and more...

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Although the news out of Viera regarding Bronson Arroyo is bleak, we can still hope he had a lasting, positive effect on the clubhouse. On the bright side, Danny Espinosa finally got a hit yesterday.

Here's the latest from Space Coast Stadium.

Michael A. Taylor singlehandedly defeated the Marlins
Only a slight exaggeration. Michael A. Taylor? Michael A. Slay-lor? Michael A. Bae-lor? Michael A. Tailor-made-for-the-majors? No matter how you put it, it's undeniable that the young outfielder is on fire this March. (On another note from Wednesday's game, Blake Treinen made an excellent spot-start).

The Nationals are going to pull a Red Sox, apparently
It's going to be another extremely disappointing year for the Nationals, and it could leave fans devastated, according to the folks at Over the Monster. Not necessarily an absurd projection, but one that we can hopefully laugh at by the end of the season.

Ryan Zimmerman is actually healthy, believe it or not
The oft-injured first baseman played his first game in the field today, and he felt pretty good afterwards (breathe out now, folks).

LaRoche retired because his son was no longer welcome in clubhouse
Adam LaRoche was told by the White Sox brass to cut down his son's time in the clubhouse. LaRoche's response? To retire and leave $13 million on the table.

Bryce is a fan of LaRoche's retirement call
Harper backed up his old teammate's call on Twitter on Wednesday. For the record, Harper and Drake LaRoche spent the 2012 division championship clubhouse party pouring apple cider on each other.

Bronson Arroyo could be done for good
Bronson Arroyo, who could've been valuable to the Nationals as a clubhouse leader and spot-starter, may already be done for the season, and could be done for his career. Examinations showed that the 39-year-old suffered an 80% tear in his labrum, an injury that is very difficult to return from.

Today's Game: Braves vs Nationals
Probable Pitchers: Mike Foltynewicz vs Stephen Strasburg