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Wire Taps: Sean Burnett's return; Bronson Arroyo tears rotator cuff; Nationals' St. Paddy's day Uniforms

Your official March Madness hideaway bunker. Washington Nationals news, links and more from the last 24 hours...

St. Patrick's day - it brings out the best in all of us.
St. Patrick's day - it brings out the best in all of us.
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Happy Friday! And more importantly, happy Lucas Giolito start day! (Note that we won't be able to get excited about a Lucas Giolito major league start for a few more months, so enjoy today's dominating performance as much as you can).

Here's the beat from Half Street.

Lucas Giolito had a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), and it was beautiful
The super-prospect answered questions on everything from golf to video games (Rocket League), to Bartolo Colon, to the great hot dog debate (Is it a sandwich?), and even dropped a "Damn Daniel." A pitcher truly made for the millennials.

Nats-Braves: Crazy game, Crazier uniforms
In a game where Jonathan Papelbon got the win, Chris Heisey hit a walk-off home run and Freddie Freeman hit two homers, the craziest thing on the field may have been... the Nationals' St. Paddy's day uniforms. My goodness.

Old/New friend Sean Burnett is doing well
Burnett, who holds a special place in any Nats fan's heart, signed a minor-league contract with the Nationals (with a Major League Camp invitation) this offseason. He's back wearing the curly W, and his form apparently looks similar to that of 2012, a career year for him.

Bronson Arroyo update: torn rotator cuff
Arroyo talked to the media on Thursday about his shoulder injury, and disclosed that it is a "long shot" to return. The Nationals will take an MRI and compare it to his MRI in 2014, when he underwent Tommy John surgery and repaired his rotator cuff as well.

Sorry, Nationals, your disappointing 2015 was not a fluke
Today in predicting the impending doom of the Nationals: Sporting News decides that 2015 will set a pattern for years to come. In other news, 90% of Major League Baseball had the Astros finishing dead last in the AL West last season.

Gio Gonzalez had a baby boy!

Today's Game: Nationals vs Mets (MLB.TV)
Probable Pitchers: Lucas Giolito (!!!) vs Bartolo Colon