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Nationals' Bronson Arroyo gets good news: No torn rotator cuff, initial MRI misread

Twenty-four hours after it appeared that 39-year-old right-hander Bronson Arroyo's career had come to an end, the veteran starter reportedly received some good news. Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the doctor misread his MRI. No rotator cuff tear, actually...

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Nationals' right-hander Bronson Arroyo talked to reporters on Thursday afternoon about what was likely a career-ending diagnosis of a torn rotator cuff in his right shoulder.

Arroyo, 39, was attempting to come back after a year off while he recovered from Tommy John surgery, but the injury to his shoulder seemingly brought an end to his 15-year major league career.

"We'll see if it might be something we could calm down and maybe try to rehab, but it's probably going to be a long shot at this point," Arroyo told reporters including's Mark Zuckerman.

"We're just going to take a couple days to really look at it, let them analyze between the two comparisons and see if it's the end of the game for me or not."

The veteran righty said that he wasn't considering surgery though, so it would either be rehab or retirement:

"No surgery. It's either going to be rehab or retire, one or the other," he said. "And at this point, I really don't know."

Not so fast. According to a report from's Ken Rosenthal tonight, the doctor misread the MRI:

Washington Post writer James Wagner has since reported that Arroyo was aware there might be some good news coming:

So the retirement party is off? Does Arroyo have to return the gold watch? Good thing they didn't rush right to surgery?

All kidding aside, if the right-hander is able to return in a week-plus, that would be great news after what has likely been a trying 48 hours for him. More news/info when it's available...