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Washington Nationals outright Tyler Moore off 40-Man roster to Triple-A Syracuse

Washington Nationals' 1B/OF Tyler Moore was outrighted off the 40-Man roster to Triple-A Syracuse on Friday after he was placed on and cleared waivers. Moore has struggled at the plate this Spring after serving in a bench role for the last four seasons.

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Before Tyler Moore was placed on waivers, which he cleared before being outrighted off the 40-Man roster to Triple-A Syracuse, Washington Nationals' skipper Dusty Baker talked about the tough decisions he had to make this Spring.

"It's going to be very tough," Baker explained. "You've got to have a productive bench. Actually, my bench has played probably more than my regulars, because it's a tough decision."

It's not just a matter of who is playing well defensively, or swinging a hot bat this Spring. There are track records to consider and other factors the veteran of twenty seasons on the bench in the majors has to take into account.

"Some of it has to do with trying to have a balanced bench, left, right," Baker said. "Some guys have options, some guys don't. Some guys have outs.

"Some guys have had good Springs, very good Springs, and some guys have had so-so Springs, but you know they're better than they've played. So you've got to look at their track record and also how they've done in camp as well.

"I think that's our toughest decision. Who are bench is going to be and probably who are last couple of bullpen slots are going to be. Those are always -- it's tougher now than it usually is because we have better players."

Moore, 29, was coming off a .203/.250/.364, -0.9 fWAR campaign in which he hit 12 doubles and six home runs in 97 games and made career-high 200 plate appearances.

Through four major league seasons since he debuted in 2012, Moore has put up a combined .228/.281/.401 line with 32 doubles and 24 HRs in 649 PAs.

In 18 games this Spring, Moore was 4 for 31 (.129/.206/.355) with a double, two home runs, three walks and six Ks.

"I've tried to give Tyler every opportunity," Baker told reporters, including's Jamal Collier on Friday.

"I know he's a very popular guy on this team and a very popular guy in the city, but it's hard for me to judge other than from what I've seen."

In parts of four seasons at Triple-A in the organization, the 2008 16th Round pick, who was drafted by the Nats in the 41st Round in 2005 and the 33rd Round in 2006 before he finally signed, has put a combined .288/.374/.519 line with 43 doubles and 30 home runs in 162 games and 687 plate appearances.